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Visilion for healthcare

Real-time positioning and analytics to help staff and management save time, increase productivity and plan better.

More time for care

Studies show that nurses often waste lots of time searching for equipment.

With Visilion, they can easily pinpoint the equipment they need, even if it’s on a different floor or in a different building. This frees up more time for core activities – like caring for patients.

Analytics – save smart

Visilion provides data on equipment usage that helps hospitals optimise assets, reduce costs and improve work flows.

The easy way to IoT

To set up Visilion, attach tracking device to equipment and connect observers. Assets show up on the digital map.

Optimising workflows

Fully-featured solution for inventory management

Visilion provides hospital managers with analytics that enhance their understanding of asset usage and user behaviour to optimise workflows, control inventory and plan future investments. It also shortens the time staff need to find the items they need.

Tags for greater accuracy

Visilion uses Bluetooth Low Energy tags for greater accuracy and long battery life (up to 7 years).

Track equipment anywhere

Track goods with an accuracy of less than 3 metres and find equipment, even on different floors.

Analytics: knowledge is power

Get valuable data on the condition of tracked assets to improve organisational, planning and investment decisions.

Developed with healthcare specialists

Visilion has been developed and trialed in cooperation with some of the leading hospitals and clinics in Scandinavia. It addresses the stated needs of hospital and IT managers.

A screen showing the Visilion for healthcare backend with the hardwares infront of the screen

At a glance

Visilion has a complete range of tracking and analysis features that include:

  • Low-energy Bluetooth BLE trackers with wi-fi based observers
  • Location Range 1 to 3 metres.
  • Tracker battery life up to 7 years.

  • Plug-n-play integration – up and running in a day.
  • Displays on any standard PC, tablet, phone or in kiosk mode.

  • Analytics for actionable insights.
  • Cloud-based – no server configuration.
  • Intuitive UI – no training needed.

Get in touch

Want more information about how Visilion can improve your healthcare organisation? Let’s talk.