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Visilion – goods & asset tracking

Our advanced tracking solutions provide valuable real-time data to help you solve short-term problems… and insights to make long-term improvements.

What is tracking?

A system for real-time positioning of anything that's connected.

Tracking solutions aid daily operations by locating cargo, assets or people and showing their position on a user-friendly map. Over time, they also generate data to enable business improvements in e.g. assets flows, logistics, purchasing etc.

Outdoor and indoor tracking

Real-time tracking of objects and/or people, with the potential to switch seamlessly between indoor and outdoor connectivity as needed.

Easy to use

Visilion offers simple setup with a Cloud-based service and trackers that are ready to use, straight out of the box.

Visilion – logistics

Premiumise your business with smarter cargo tracking

In logistics, Visilion gives goods owners, freight forwarders and haulers full visibility into their transport chain, and an entirely new level of real-time shipment data for key events during transit.

A tracking solution is scalabe for smaller or larger density and contexts, from this container being moved with a forklift, to individual packages

Scalable and secure

Compliant with the security standards, Visilion scales dynamically, based on tracker density and usage.

A truck driver signing off with the trader at the service providers warehouse, premium quality control frees up time and enables better workflows

Premium quality control

Give customers something extra. Use better tracking and quality control to differentiate your offer.

A transport administrator informing her client about an incident before it has happened, because of artificial intelligence and analytics insights in her premiumised tracking solution

Share your information

Data can be shared with customers or other stakeholders directly from the system.

Sensors, on goods in a truck on a bridge, giving information about location, temperature and rapid movements

Tracker sensors

Sensors built into the trackers capture position, temperature, shock and light, and upload this data to the Cloud.

A sensitive moment in the logistics chain – loading and unloading

Critical events

Receive notifications and inform customers about e.g. late delivery, impact damage or cold chain failures.

Above traditional data enables business improvements in the logistics chain but also in work processes

More than track & trace

Visilion provides data used as KPIs in the logistics industry – over and above traditional track & trace info.

Want to learn more?

Download the brochure (PDF) to learn more about how Visilion’s logistics functionality can take your business to the next level.

Front page of brochure on how to premiumize your business with live data cargo insights

Visilion – healthcare

Optimise resource allocation

By enabling quick and easy location of shared equipment and smoother workflows, Visilion frees up valuable time for healthcare professionals.

A hospital bed is found much faster thanks to the digital maps shown on 'kiosk' displays around the emergency area

Save time

Showing the location of tagged equipment on a user-friendly digital map, Visilion reduces the amount of time wasted looking for things.

A satisfied nurse who can spend more time attending to patients

Patient satisfaction

When spending less time looking for people or equipment, staff can pay more attention to patients and increase their satisfaction.

Facility owner and hospital management shaking hands on reduced order after which a saving is made

Asset utilisation

By tracking when and where equipment is used, facility owners can reduce idle time and get more out of their investments.

Want to learn more?

Download the brochure to learn more about how Visilion’s solution for care can improve efficiency and optimise asset usage of your organisation.

Front page of brochure on how to improve efficiency in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, using the tracking solution Visilion

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