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Smart, simple IoT

Start optimising your business with connectivity – today.


Whether you're keeping track of shared equipment in a hospital or following the progress of goods in transit, our smart tracking solutions provide you with the data you need.

Smarter tracking, smoother business

Detailed tracking in logistics and healthcare

Hungry for data to help you make decisions, improve services and guide future planning? Find out more about our advanced tracking solutions for logistics and healthcare.

Detailed tracking from sensor data and analytics, showing on a map in the Visilion user interface


Distribute time-specific access rights to an individual or group.

Smooth and secure provisioning

Programme access rights, over-the-air

Via a connected device and card, or a dedicated wearable, Criotive lets you distribute access rights to a particular place or service. These rights can be easily managed via the web interface and prolonged or revoked remotely over-the-air.

The Criotive access control platform supports almost any type of connected locks and can be used on a wearable, card or device.


Monitor people at risk in a way that maximises their sense of personal freedom

Smart mHealth and safety solutions

Freedom through connectivity

Combining a user-friendly wearable with a secure back-end solution, mSafety helps health providers, workplace safety officers and rescue services monitor the people in their care – staying connected without limiting their personal freedom.

Man from behind looking at his smart watch, the mSafety connected wearable device, which is manufactured for a service provider