Get back to business safely with Nimway

5 ways you can maintain social distancing and limit the spread of viruses using Nimway's smart office solution.

Get back to business safely with Nimway

5 ways you can maintain social distancing and limit the spread of viruses using Nimway's smart office solution.

As your co-workers come back to the office it’s vital that they feel safe. Nimway is a complete smart office solution for the modern workplace that includes features that help with social distancing, and ranges from off-site with no installation to a fully-fledged system with sensors, beacons, room panels and floorplans.


Using the quick, easy, installation-free Nimway solution you can:

    • Control entry and exit flows
    • Keep social distancing at work points
    • Ensure social distancing at meetings
    • Make cleaning efficient
    • Maximise office usage, while following social distancing regulations



Control entry and exit flows

Using the Nimway app you can see exactly where to enter and exit the building and which staircases to use for going up and down floors. You make sure people are separated as much as possible when moving around the office.


Safe desk working

Nimway shows you exactly where free seating is on a site map in the phone. It lets facility managers set rules as to which desks/workstations should be labelled as unavailable to promote social distancing.

You can easily search for and book free spaces, see upcoming bookings, find a desk, or choose to work in a less crowded area.

The Nimway mobile app supports all the functions a digital room panel provides, but you only touch your own phone. And it’s easy to cancel any booking you make if you change your plans. That way we minimise common touch points and the spread of the virus.


Clean spaces

Another feature of Nimway is that it can easily be set to automatically block a desk after use until it has been cleaned, ensuring a sanitised workspace.


Report problems directly in the app

Problems happen, and it’s easy to report them using Nimway. Report if something is broken, a room/space needs extra cleaning, a space needs disinfecting, or something is missing from a room. You can easily include a picture and a detailed location of what needs fixing in the app.


Maximise space and risks with Nimway analytics

The Nimway analytics tool gives facility managers and planners a complete overview of desk bookings, whether limitations need to be changed, if policies are being followed and much more. It also gives input for more efficient cleaning and usage routines.


Keeping co-workers – and the building safe

You can set criteria in Nimway to only allow co-workers fulfilling the company’s criteria to enter the building, allow certain groups to access certain areas, and speed up access to buildings. It helps security personnel keep a safe distance.


From mobile app to a complete set of functions

Nimway is designed to encourage interaction between co-workers, but after Covid it helps keep people as safe as possible when they come back to the office. But Nimway lets you do much more. Choose from a mobile app to a complete set of functions including floor plans, room panels, sensors and beacons.


Further functions in Nimway include:

  • Find a free room/desk in real time, and even count people in rooms
  • Block rooms/desks after use until cleaned
  • Get analytics on room/desk occupancy for better resource planning
  • Optimised cleaning based on real-time data
  • Improved wayfinding – and find your colleagues. Send smart invitations
  • Digital floorplans with touch-free guidance to rooms/desks
  • Complete overview of the office situation


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