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Could granularity be the next big thing in access management?

Cloud-based access management systems are peeling back the limitations of traditional lock technologies and opening up for a new type of access control. Instead of the old go/no go dichotomy, they allow for all the options in between.

SafeTrx and mSafety: water sports enthusiasts put new wearable rescue solution to the test

The main purpose of the new SafeTrx application with mSafety wearable from Sony is to help locate and rescue water sports enthusiasts who run into trouble at sea. We tested it with groups of professional and amateur volunteers in Norway and The Netherlands to find out just how much salt water and bad weather it can handle.

A tool for the future of logistics

Companies in the logistics industry struggle with managing cargo and mitigating lost cargo, delays, de-tours, location and general overview and control issues. Today, although many operators have acceptable control on vehicle location and routing, there is still a lot of guesswork when it comes to parcel and package level. This is about to change.

IoT World Congress, Barcelona, Oct 29 -31

There’s more to Sony than PlayStation, cameras, music and movies! We’re at the forefront of connected technology with leading solutions for 5G, power efficiency, mobile communication, and wearable devices. IoT is an increasingly important part of the business - as you’ll discover when you visit us at this year’s IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.

Does the future of healthcare lie in selfcare?

Many once-fatal conditions can now be successfully managed. That’s obviously good news. The only downside is that an increasingly large number of people now require continuous health monitoring, which is expensive for healthcare providers. To manage this situation, the healthcare segment is moving towards a more proactive approach.

Create successful remote health monitoring services

Healthcare providers urgently need an effective way to support the elderly and those with chronic health conditions in their home environments. We’ve been examining what it takes to solve this challenge…and solving it!

How to eradicate losses in healthcare

Healthcare facilities everywhere struggle with security. At a time when many of the lower paid jobs are done by temporary workers, losses - especially of valuable drugs - are a huge problem. How can administrators keep track of all these people coming and going? Hans Ahnström of ACSS, Stockholm-based distributor for SAG, has found a solution. It’s called Criotive and it’s a new secure provisioning service from Sony.

mSafety – Connected Health Conference

2019-09-11, Boston, MA

From 16 – 18 October 2019, we will be showcasing our new mHealth platform, mSafety, at the Connected Health Conference in Boston. If you’re looking to develop remote monitoring services with a connected wearable, come and discover our unique B2B offer. Booth number #966.