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mSafety allows providers of health and safety services to monitor people remotely and keep them safe. Expand and improve your offer with this scalable, secure and energy-efficient platform.

Freedom through connectivity

End-users stay connected with an energy-efficient purpose-built wearable.

Create innovative, value-adding health and safety applications, based on mSafety. The platform combines a low-complexity connected wearable and a secure back-end solution to ensure bi-directional data flows seamlessly and is always visible.

Ready to build on

Our platform and wearable are ready-made for you to build on. mSafety offers end-to-end security for data communication and, based on versatile scalable technology, is applicable to many different use cases.

Low complexity wearable

Easy to use, read and manage, this straightforward device eliminates many of the difficulties associated with smart phone apps. Thanks to energy-efficient IoT connectivity battery life is 7 days or more.


The device is connected thanks to a built-in eSIM, enabling seamless, bi-directional communication.

Easy to manage

Thanks to over-the-air updates and data analysis dashboards large device fleets are easy to manage.​

Remote monitoring

Keeping people safe, without being intrusive

Whether you’re rescuing a kite surfer, monitoring employees in high risk occupations or aiding the elderly, remote monitoring via the mSafety connected wearable device maximises not only safety, but also the users’ sense of personal freedom.

Make or buy?

A key decision for business managers

To be a serious contender in the fast-growing wearables business demands expertise in hardware, manufacturing, software, data analysis and UX design. Why risk unpredictable development costs and long lead times? Get a secure and ready-made platform.

Front page of the brochure on how to harness the power of IoT to improve life quality and personal safety

Want to learn more?

Download the brochure to learn more about how mSafety can take your business to the next level.

Get in touch

Interested in finding out more about mSafety? We’d like to hear from you!


Ericsson IoT Days, Kista
Stand #966, 2019, Boston
Stand #1724, Hall South
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