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Criotive – healthcare

Increase control with the distribution of time-limited access rights

Drug losses have simply stopped

Working within limited budgets, it’s vital for healthcare providers to save time and money and to reduce losses wherever they can. As the Swedish distributor for SAG electronic locks, Hans Ahnström’s mission is to introduce new technologies that support these ambitions.

“Top of everyone’s agenda today,” he says “is to monitor access to medicine cabinets. Prescription drugs have such a high street value, they’re a potential temptation for people passing through on short-term contracts.”

Criotive, the new secure over-the-air (OTA) provisioning service from Sony, makes access control not only possible but easy. Used in combination with electronic locks, the Criotive service allows administrators to send access rights to an employee’s mobile phone, card or wearable device, over the air. Via a simple web interface, they can grant admission to individuals or groups. Access rights can be time-restricted and location-specific; and they can easily be prolonged or revoked as needed.

What does this mean for healthcare providers?

First, it saves them time and effort. Administrators no longer have to programme key cards manually or hand them over in person. The mobile care-force (e.g. district nurses) no longer have to return to their ‘home-base’ to pick up and leave physical keys between visits. The result is that staff time and transport costs are both reduced. When employees reach the end of their contracts, their access rights can be easily and instantly revoked in the system.

What about the drug loss problem?

“Criotive solves it definitively,” says Hans. “For most of ACSS’s healthcare customers who use Criotive, drug losses have simply stopped.” In many cases, the mere fact of implementing this system is enough of a deterrent. “Moreover,” concludes Hans, “with the Criotive service in place, any unauthorised person who tries to open the medicine cabinet will find their ‘key’ doesn’t work. It’s a no-go!”
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