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Criotive for facility management

Looking to update multiple sites? Don’t think ‘locks’, think ‘access management’

Benefits for all

Implementing the Criotive platform for access management requires no major effort, but it simplifies people’s lives in so many ways.

For partners

Take the easy route to updating your technology portfolio and attract new access management customers.

  • A cloud-based solution makes access management easy and work with all major lock brands Tech-agnostic platform
  • A tech provider can digitise with confidence Digitise your offer
  • Criotive has no limitations on number of locks Future proof
  • A cityscape – a steady flow of revenue for your business even at night SaaS benefits

For business owners

The Criotive service gives you all the speed and precision of cloud-based access management, without the need for major infrastructure investments.

  • There is no risk of keys being lost with over the air access Add-on services
  • Save time by sending virtual keys to users' smart phones Save time
  • With Criotive you can send time-limited virtual keys to a specific end user for a specific area Gain control

For guests & tenants

Get a virtual key sent to your phone and bypass the reception desk. Sail past the queue and go straight up to your room, apartment or office without a wait.

  • There is no risk of keys being lost with over the air access Reduce risks
  • Users can get virtual keys wherever they are and access is granted instantly Convenience
  • A man had a smooth experience with his access rights On-the-go

Criotive in practice

Criotive gives facility managers a cost-effective way of updating their access management systems across multiple sites. The software can be integrated with existing electronic locks, eliminating the need for new hardware investments.

An integrate software with existing electronic locks

Criotive at a glance

Revitalise your tech-portfolio with tailormade over-the-air access management.

Tech providers

  • One solution fits all thanks to tech-agnostic platform
  • Digitise your offer with confidence
  • Scalable and futureproof over time
  • Regular revenue stream thanks to SaaS

Business users

  • Add-on services to reward loyalty
  • Save time by reducing manual work
  • Control access more precisely

End users

  • Reduce risks associated with lost keys
  • Speed and convenience