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Secure provisioning

A platform that allows you to distribute and manage access rights securely over-the-air via a connected device and card or wearable.

Don’t think locks. Think access management.

How access management software makes your electronic
locks even smarter.

What is secure provisioning?

A secure way of distributing access rights, to authorised people only

Working remotely, administrators manage and distribute virtual keys over the air. These enable individuals or groups to unlock a physical place and/or access services such as promotions or payments.


Encrypted channel communication means the data is invisible to everyone but the service provider.

Technology agnostic

An open platform, designed to function with any brand of digital lock, turn-style or access gate.

Distribute time-limited access rights

Easy for you and your users

Criotive gives you an easy way to control the distribution of access rights to specific people for a specific period of time. Managed remotely over the air, it brings significant benefits in segments as diverse as elderly care and stadiums.

Any place with a connected lock can be accessed, be it via a door, turn style or lid.


Provide virtual keys to visitors or employees on the go without the need for a physical check-in.

A visitor enjoying the local promotion via the smart phone app, as he enters the premises


Target selected customers with special offers and distribute virtual keys or tokens securely via your app.

A family's life being more flexible because of cash-less payments via a dedicated wearable


As a valuable add-on to your service, Criotive can enable cashless payments on a wearable device.

Scenario: Healthcare

Our easy-to-use system ensures that only authorized staff can get into restricted areas or access the medicine cabinets.

Scenario: Elderly care

Increase security by controlling the distribution of time-limited access rights to buildings, medicine cabinets and staff lockers.

Scenario: Stadium

Allow supporters to pass freely through the turn-style and enjoy your full range of services, cash and card-free. Avoid ticket fraud with secure provisioning.

Scenario: Hotel

With remotely issued virtual keys, your guests can get immediate access to their rooms, the restaurant, the gym etc. Being vendor agnostic, the Criotive platform works with any make of lock.

Scenario: Retail & office

Increase security by managing employees' access rights to buildings, back-offices or staff lockers. With the Criotive platform, facility managers can issue time-limited virtual keys to specific employees.

Scenario: Theme park

Give your visitors a great day out, cash/card free. With a wearable, Criotive allows you to distribute tickets for rides and restaurant tokens – securely, in advance, over the air.


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Discover how Criotive makes access management secure, smooth and easy - for you, your customers and their customers.

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